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- Albert Einstein -

"Out of clutter, find simplicity.

From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty

lies opportunity" 


Articles Under Review

Ging-Jehli, N. R., Ratcliff, R. (2020). Effects of aging in a task-switch paradigm with the diffusion decision model. Psychology and Aging. Link or Link to preprint

Ging-Jehli, N. R., Schneider, F. H., & Weber, R. A. (2020). On self-serving strategic beliefs.

Games and Economic Behavior. Link 

Ging-Jehli, N. R., Deepa, M., Hollway, J., Hurt, E., Moone, S., Arnold, L. E. (2020). A placebo-controlled pilot exploration of cholesterol supplementation for autistic symptoms in children with low cholesterol. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. Link to preprint

Ging-Jehli, N. R., Ratcliff, R., Arnold, L. E. (2021). Improving Neurocognitive Testing using Computational Psychiatry – A Systematic Review for ADHD. Psychological Bulletin. Link or Link to preprint

Comorbid anxiety and disruptive behavior disorders but not ADHD presentation moderate neurofeedback effect in children with ADHD” Roley-Robert, M.E., ..., Ging-Jehli, et al. (submitted). 

Ging-Jehli, N.R., Arnold, L.E., Roley-Roberts, M.E., deBeus, R. (in press). Characterizing underlying cognitive components of ADHD presentations and co-morbid diagnoses - A diffusion decision model analysis. Journal of Attention Disorders. Link or Link to preprint 

Working Papers

"Generosity across Contexts,"

Davis, A. L., Jehli, N. R., Miller, J. H., & Weber, R. A., University of Zurich, 2015, Working Paper.


"Latent cognitive components moderate neurofeedback response in ADHD – A computational
modeling analysis of a randomized clinical trial” Ging-Jehli, N.R., Kraemer, H., Arnold, L.E., Roley-
Roberts, M.E., deBeus, R. (submitted).

“Neurofeedback treatment for ADHD improves cognitive deficits – a computational modeling analysis of
neurocognitive mechanism” Ging-Jehli, N.R., Arnold, L.E., deBeus, R., Kerson, C., Roley-Roberts, M.E.,
Panchyshyn, C. (submitted).

Current Projects
  • Neurocognitive study using own developed social and cognitive tasks and a new joint-modeling approach
    to integrate behavioral responses, eye tracking, and EEG

  • The effects of stress on visuo-spatial attention and social decision-making using eye tracking

  • Applying the Diffusion Decision Model and Machine Learning Algorithms to the Neuropsychological
    Test Performances and EEG resting state activity in an ADHD Sample from the MTA study

  • Connectivity analysis using EEG from auditory oddball tasks from the ICAN and the MTA study​